First We Meet

We will have a consultation, normally via Skype, where we can introduce each other and you can explain me your business, the mission and the vision you have for it.

Project proposal

If we hit off, I will put together a proposal for you with the details of the project, the time needed and the cost. If you agree with everything, you should sign the proposal and send it back to me. The payment will be split in two installments. 50% to be paid in this phase and the rest to be paid after the final revision and before everything is sent over to you.


You will have some homework to do. You should put together a pinterest board with everything that inspires you (more details given during the first consultation) and answer a questionnaire that I will send you. You should also share with me everything you already have about branding: Logo, color palette, images, etc etc.
At this point I should have enough info to start preparing the structure of the website.


Once we agree on the structure, another homework for you is to prepare the content while I work on the design of each of the pages. We will have up to 2 reviews where also your content will be integrated so we can have a complete overview.


When the website look is finalized, I will proceed with the development. Once the development is completed, the “publish” button will be hit and you’ll be live!!