At the moment we mainly work with WordPress. WordPress is extremely powerful and versatile and that’s why it’s our choice. That might change in the future though.

1. Customized WordPress Theme

You will choose the wordpress theme that you like and you think is more appropriate for your business and together we will customize it to your needs.
The customization includes editing and customizing your site design settings: fonts, color palette, headings, website info, favicon, etc.
Based on the overall layout of the template you choose, the pinterest inspiration you provide and your content, I will design a customized homepage and blog (or another page you prefer) based on your content, goals, and design preferences (1 revision). Once the homepage design is approved the remaining pages (up to 4 more pages) will be customized to be cohesive and match your overall style (ex: if you have a pattern overlay, textures on images, call-to-action lettering, etc those will be reflected throughout the site).

This is the simplest (and cheapest) option we offer, but with this solution it is possible to achieve very nice results. To give you an idea, the was built on top of the WordPress free Twentyseventeen (except Home and About pages). If you know the theme, then you can see the work of customization that has been done.

Once the website is ready, we will have a one hour call to walk you through your website and also to teach you how WordPress works and how to create future pages.

We suggest this solution to new entrepreneurs and business that are starting out or that are not yet strongly established. That is because this solution, even if it can give nice results, it still has some major limitations that you will have to deal with.

Time required: 2-3 weeks

2. Brand new WordPress Theme just for you

Based on your needs and your business we will design and develop a brand new theme just for you.

The idea is to create an intentional design that supports your business goals, guides people to exactly where you want them to be, and helps you grow your business.

Custom web design projects are hands on – I will guide you through every step of the process and consider all aspects of communication with your customers and clients to ensure that your business is functioning well as a whole.

Once the website is ready, we will have a one hour call to walk you through your website and also to teach you how WordPress works and how to create future pages.

This solution is clearly more expensive, but if your business is well established that is what you are looking for. It will provide you with a more adaptable and flexible website.

Time required: about 12 weeks

3. Maintenance

Once your website is ready and you have launched it, you will need to maintain it. Updates, especially security-wise ones, are extremely important and have to be run as soon as possible. If you don’t have time to do that or don’t want to be bother with learning how to run the updates making sure that nothing breaks down, we can do it for you. Contact us to know more details

4. Coaching

In order to build the perfect website, you need to know your business very well. You need to have a clear vision and be able to state the mission of your business. You need to set high goals and not be afraid to go for it. It sounds normal and easy but sometimes it can be instead very difficult. Our founder is a certified coach and has been practicing for years helping people in all kind of aspects. Even though this is not Aurora Design Co. primary business, we feel that many people that get to us to build their website don’t have a precise direction for their business. FOMA (Fear Of Missing Out), uncertainty, fear of failure can be in the way of achieving success. Especially at the beginning, when there are many question marks open. So it can happen to build a website that isn’t right, wasting money and time. If you feel like you are not so sure and could benefit from some help and support before building your website, contact us.