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“When I met Alessandra, she convinced me from the first call with her professional approach. My website urgently needed a refresh, because it was a compound of many years putting new topics on my site. Alessandra suggested me a perfectly fitting new structure and new color patterns. She handled so professionally the challenges of some old plugins which weren’t matching. The move from old to new was done by her in a brilliant transfer. I am so happy now with the newly designed website. Thanks so much, dear Alessandra. Whoever has the chance to work with you, is very granted because you are such a wonderful and creative person and it is such a joy to have a my side”.
Esther Buerki
International author and book writing expert




Esther Bürki is an international writer and a writing expert that has always looked after her website by herself, updating it every time she needed to.
When Esther came to me, she wanted to re-organize her website to make it more intuitive and cleaner. During the years much information had been put together and at some point the website, in two languages,  had become too cluttered.

When I started working on Esther’s Website, I wanted her to be able to be as independent as possible when I was done. That meant maintaining most of the choices she had made. Above all, I chose Sydney as WordPress Theme, Elementor as page builder to build the homepage and Ninja forms to build the different contact forms to buy her books. Because Esther knows these plugins very well, these choices would give her the flexibility to change her website later as she pleased.

This is how her website looked like when I took over




Esther’s main color was red and she was fond of it, so we build the color palette around it. Also Esther is a colourful person and she wanted her website to represent her 🙂



In terms of fonts, she wanted to keep Raleway which is the font she chose for the website she built. She liked the clarity of it and the space between letters. The choice of the font to pair fell on Cabin, another sans-serif font which is smooth but with more corners than Raleway. Cabin was used only for specific Headings to give an accent.





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