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July 2nd, 2019

Fonts and images make your website look better and nicer. If you choose them right your audience will feel more at ease and that will improve their experience on your website.


Exactly like for colors (as I explained in my previous blog) there is a whole psychology behind the choice of fonts to use on your website. Each font generates a different response in your audience.

6 tips to design your own website

For example, Times New Roman is traditional while Calibri is clean and uncluttered.  The Daily Egg has a very nice blog post that goes into the details of the psychology and you can find it here.

Make sure that the fonts you choose match your brand identity. As a general rule of thumb, you should never use more than two different fonts on your website and each font should carry different levels of importance.

You can have a primary font for headers and a secondary font for content like paragraphs, blogs etc. It would be good if your primary font matches the style of your logo because this is the one that will be the most identifiable with your brand.

Also when you choose your fonts, especially the secondary one, remember to never sacrifice readability for style.

Your audience shouldn’t strain their eyes to read your content. Hence, readability is a very important factor. Otherwise the risk is that they will leave your website before reaching the end of the page.

Like your color scheme, your font choice also has to be consistent. Make sure the page headings across the site are of the same font. Same for paragraphs.

Psychology behind the typeface

If you see a font on a website that you like and you want to know what it is, you could use WhatTheFont  or FontFace Ninja.
Check them out!


Visual is on the rise! And it has been so for some time now. That’s because we live in an era of visual content.

We are much more attracted to images than text. Today, nearly 60% of all digital impressions are driven by images.

Choose high quality pictures for your website that are in line with your mission and vision and which can inspire your audience.

But be careful not to have too many of them. Lots of high-quality images can slow your website down.

This will penalize you not only with your visitors who will get impatient, but also with Google which doesn’t like slow websites.

Unsplash has wonderful high quality pictures that you can download for free!

6 tips to design your own website


You can consider fonts and images like the dress of your website. Choose a dress that suits and represents your business at the best.

The right fonts and images will make sure that your audience won’t forget you easily 🙂

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