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The art of being creative in all its forms, has always fascinated me. I have a passion for beautiful things and at the same time I also have years of experience in the technical field.


April 19th, 2019

This is the first blog post for Aurora Design Co. The topic was easy to choose. The process of designing the brand for the Studio 🙂

Before I could actually put together a mood board for inspiration, I had to clearly define the mission and the vision of my business. I cannot stress enough how important this first step is.

In order to build the right website, it is essential to know exactly what your business is about and where it is going. It sounds easy, but it isn’t always so. A business has to be positioned well, has to be distinct, it should be based on the owner’s core values and so on and so forth. There are so many things to consider. Probably another good topic for a blog post 🙂

6 tips to design your own website

After having well defined mission and vision, I chose the 5 adjectives that in my mind represent my business: Modern, Elegant, Powerful, Unique and Inspiring. I associated to each of them an aspect of the website. For example Modern was associated to Typography. And so on for the others.

The 5 adjectives representing my business remained the same: Modern, Elegant, Powerful, Unique and Inspiring.


Credits: Agus Sans Typeface / Eyes on Water / Black and White Zebra / Living Room / Water / Ocean Under Water

Based on this mood board, I built the design concept behind the Aurora Design Co. website. Recalling for example the chosen texture in the main image on the Home page. The typeface for the logo. Placing the colors and the background image.

If you don’t know, a style tile is a board that helps define what a website will look like, in a way that clients can understand. It’s something in between a mood board and a mockup.

Style Tiles were originally introduced by Samantha Warren. I find them extremely helpful to define and communicate how a visual style will be applied to a website.

6 tips to design your own website



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