Welcome to our studio!

Aurora Design Co. was born out of passion for beauty, art and the digital world.  The passion for this combination allows our studio to specialise in unique website creation for passionate business owners and companies around the world. We follow a specific process where we listen to your story, get to know the business together with its mission and vision and make sure to create a beautifully crafted website that both reflects the style of your business and serves as an effective marketing tool for years to come. We make sure to dedicate to you all the attention that is needed, therefore we take on a very limited number of new clients per year to ensure that each project receives the time and attention it deserves.

Special Service

One special service that Aurora Design Co. offers is coaching. To build the perfect website (and not only), a clear vision and mission are a must. Well defined goals together with a plan to achieve them will make achieving success much easier. Our founder is a certified coach and has been practicing for years helping people in all kind of aspects. Even though this is not Aurora Design Co. primary business, we still offer it to support our clients. FOMA (Fear Of Missing Out), uncertainty, fear of failures can be in the way of achieving success. Especially at the beginning, when there are many question marks open. If you feel like you are not so sure and could benefit from some help and support before building your website

The mind behind the Screen
Alessandra S.
Owner, Designer and Developer

Italian living in Switzerland. My surname is too complicated so I go by as Alessandra S. which makes my life easier.

The art of being creative in all its forms, has always fascinated me. I have a passion for beautiful things and at the same time I also have years of experience in the technical field. After a degree in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Systems and Networks, I worked as Software Engineer and then as Project Manager for more than 10 years in different technical projects travelling the world.

Some years ago though, when everything in my life seemed settled down, I realised I was unhappy. Something in my job was missing: Creativity. I decided (after long thinking and doubting) to drop everything and start over. This is how Aurora Design Co. was born. From my wish to put together my technical expertise and the love for design that I’ve always had.

I named my studio Aurora for different reasons. First of all it is my little daughter’s name. She is the drive behind what I do. I want her to know that it is always possible to start over and there is no need to fear anything. Few weeks before she was born we chose her name because in Italian it means dawn. The beginning of a new day. And so she was for us. The beginning of a new wonderful life. And Aurora Design Co. was the beginning of a new beautiful chapter of my life. I have never regretted this leap of faith. Life as a business owner and mom is challenging but I am forever grateful for this business. It allows me to play, to experiment and above all to be myself every day.