6 ways your website is costing you money

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September 6th, 2019

Having a functional website is extremely important, because a bad website can cost you clients and block your growth in many different ways. And all these put together will ultimately cost you money.

So, not sure if your website is costing you money or achieving its potentials? Consider that having an outdated website feature or having a website that is difficult to navigate or isn’t user-friendly is already making you lose money. And that’s not all.

I put together a list to help you understand in which ways your website might be costing you money. Have a look!

1. You aren’t optimizing for organic success

The term Search Engine Optimization is well-known especially to website owners, but not everybody actually knows how to utilize it in his/her favour, or how the absence of it is affecting the organic success of a website.

There exist diverse on-page and off-site factors to comprehend, monitor, and integrate in a site for a good SEO. It is the core reason why several sites out there are a lagging behind their rivals.

An out-of-date website that doesn’t integrate an effective SEO work is costing you money already, and a huge amount at that. 

Around 36% of Google shoppers searching on Google took little time to literally make a purchase than shoppers who began their search on Amazon.

So, if your website is invisible to search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc, then you are really missing a big chance for the best brand awareness and product sale. If you eventually don’t make enough sales, you’ll certainly lose money.

2. You don’t have laid down goals

During the process of designing your website, you should have laid down what you want to accomplish.

In my blogpost “5 questions to ask yourself before even thinking about a website” I explain what you need to ask yourself in order to build the best website for your business.

After launching your website though, the work doesn’t stop.

If you aren’t consistently reviewing the objectives of your site to ensure that they are still in-line with your general business objectives, your site may be totally missing the mark and failing you at all fronts.

Being aware of your website goals and ways in which your website should be assisting you in accomplishing them, is very important. Otherwise, you’ll certainly lose money!

3. You are not tracking performance

After properly laying out your objectives, how do you know if your website is really assisting you in meeting them?

Effective tools like Hotjar, Google analytics, Crazy Egg and many others provide you with amazing data that will help you understand how visitors are navigating your site, the actions they are taking, and the marketing strategy that is working.

4. Your site isn’t responsive

Most individuals access websites from their mobile phones. Actually, it has been predicted that mobile phones will be utilized for around 85% of Internet access this year.

Thus, if you have a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll lose visitors, and if you lose visitors, you’ll lose money as well, because instead of navigating your complicated site, visitors will rather opt for the site of your competitors.

If your site takes time to load, mobile users will find it hard to navigate it.

And if your site doesn’t attract enough visitor, you will eventually experience a downslide in traffic which could cost you money.

Consider these stats:

  • When individuals have a bad be experience on mobile, they are about 62% less probable to buy from the brand in the future than if they have a good experience.
  • 88% of individuals are very likely to recommend a brand to their friends after an excellent brand experience on mobile.
  • 51% of customers recount utilizing mobile devices to find new products and brands.
  • Over 40% of online transactions are now performed on mobile devices.

5. You can’t optimize for better conversations

Regarding control, how much influence do you have over your shopping cart, images, forms, CTA buttons, etc.?

A dicey shopping cart is definitely going to cost you.

If you can’t alter the length of your forms, the position of your call-to-actions, or enhance for shopping cart abandonment, then you aren’t really in control of your site.

Whether the backend of a site is too old, constructed on a very limiting system, or you chose a website builder that is limiting your options, the best suggestion is to consider to optimize in order to have more conversions and prevent the loss of money.

6. Your site is slow-poke

The speed of a page is gradually turning out to be a significant metric for marketing to pay close attention to.

The audience of your website expects that your website loads rapidly and comfortably across all type of devices.

A delay as little as few seconds can make your website lose almost half of your visitors, which could ultimately cost you money.

Ideally a website should load between 2 and 5 seconds, but it’s been proved that every second after 2 will result in loss of visitors.

Loss of visitors, is synonymous to loss of revenue and customer retention.

Websites that comes with a quick page load time enjoy the benefits of a better conversion rate, organic search results, and generates excess revenue.

I have listed here some ways in which your website is probably costing you money. If there are some that affect your website you should consider improving in order not to loose customer and eventually money.

Are you struggling with your current website? Would you like a new website that makes your business stand out?


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