5 questions to ask yourself before even thinking about a website

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June 25th, 2019

This is going to be a short post, but an extremely important one to build a perfect website. So please read carefully!

In order to build a website that serves the purpose, you need to know your business and its strategies very well. You need to be able to state the mission of your business and have a clear vision of where it is going to.

Before you even start thinking about your website, you should spend some time answering these very important questions.

“Websites promote you 24/7:
No employee will do that.”
Paul Cookson

What is the mission of your company?
Your mission statement is what your company is currently doing or what you want to be doing if you haven’t started your business yet.

What is the vision of your company?
If you could create a clear picture and think ahead to 5 years down the road, what would your company look like, will your product offerings change or expand, how will you consistently engage your customer, and what new goals would you have for your business?

What kind of brand do you want to build?
Write down the adjectives that best describe your brand.

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What kind of features do you need?
Social media buttons? Newsletter signup? Mapping out this strategy will help you choose the right platform to build your website.

Who is your target audience/customer, and what information do you have about them?
Who are your ideal customers, what are their interests, how are they influenced, how do they make their purchasing decisions, and where do they make their purchases?

Note: Do your research and if you can, build a few brand personas to better understand your target market so as to improve your productivity.

Your website should reflect the answers to these questions.

I can assure you that going through this process as the first step will certainly help you build the perfect website that supports your business at the best!

Or if you are outsourcing the development of your websites, knowing the answers to these questions will make the process faster and less costly.  

Are you struggling with your current website? Would you like a new website that makes your business stand out?


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