5 mistakes small business make on their website

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October 2nd, 2019

 If the eyes may be regarded as the window to the soul, it is surely the website that is the window into a small business.

A website is the prime point of contact for many of your potential clients and leads, and a place where you can’t, for any reason, leave a negative impression.

Lots of business owners make several mistakes which are capable of hurting their website.

If you own a small business and have a website which was built by you,  it is advisable that you carry out a thorough check to determine if you are restricting your growth potential with these website mistakes.

For instance:
Does your website come with a CTA? The call to action could be an e-commerce purchase, a lead box, or probably a request to get in touch.

Is it easy for visitors to engage with your business on social media?

How’s the SEO of your site? Does your website have keywords, page titles, and meta descriptions?

Is your website protected from a cyber attack?

These typical mistakes and several others are covered in the list below. You’ll be briefed on some typical mistakes small business owners make on their site every day.

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1. Out-of-date Business information

If you make the mistake of not updating the information present on your website, you could lose several potential clients and visitors.

Not having the information of your contacts can eventually affect your ranking on various search engine, but having contact information that tallies with your whois information can boost your ranking on various search engine platforms. 

When customers view your contact/business information, they expect it to be valid, and if they eventually contact an email address that is invalid or make a call to a number that no longer belongs to your business, or even visits an address that your business no longer occupies, they are likely to get frustrated and would certainly not use your service or visit your site again.

Don’t make the mistake of utilising outdated business information and your visitors will appreciate you for it.

2. Too much text

A huge wall or writing can frighten readers. Most internet users want their answer quickly and don’t want to rummage through lengthy paragraphs to obtain them.

That doesn’t mean you can’t drop comprehensive articles, but you have to separate the text with little paragraphs, headlines, and images where best applicable.

 You can make use of several applications or websites to help ensure that your copy remains clean and to the point.

An application that you might want to try out is the Hemingway application, which alerts you if your sentence is lengthy or complicated, or informs you if something can be said more simply, and give you other hints to ensure that your content is simple and easy for readers to assimilate.

3. Bad Images

Having poor images or bad product photography on your site can be a terrible blooper and cost your customers, visitors, and your total ranking.

Images can be beneficial to your website, but they can as well cause several problems.

If you fail to properly optimize your images and resize them, they can eventually slow down your website and reduce your search engine ranking.

If you make use of poor quality images, you can chase visitors away in a flash. What do bad images look like? Fuzzy pictures, terrible lighting, or the majority of photos that people utilize for products on Kijiji and eBay.

If you can’t take your photos for your website, several sites have quality photos for your use. You’ll want to avoid using poor quality images on your website at all cost if you want to have consistent visitors.

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4. Inconsistency in website design

 The design of your website is how people will initially evaluate the believability of your site. If your website appears to have a non-professional look, individuals won’t take you seriously, and if your website design is terrible, people aren’t going to trust your website which will eventually hurt your small business.

Terrible website design can damage your SEO, including your total search engine rankings.  

You also want to ensure that your site has a website design that is quite responsive. This denotes that your site should be able to respond and react to whatever medium or device a visitor is using to access your site.

Whether an individual is on iOS or windows, desktop or mobile, visitors shouldn’t have a problem loading or viewing your site.

I wrote a blogpost on how to choose fonts and images for your website where I suggest few resources where to find high-quality but still free images. Check it out!

5. Dead-end pages

There is this strange expectation that, somehow, if a potential customer views your website or few of your service pages, he will be so hooked that he’ll rummage your site to reach you and make purchases.

Of course, that can be true in a few cases, but for a considerable part, you will be required to lead people to the next stage and ensure that it is done easily.

For optimum outcome, you should consider that some individuals can’t be troubled to swerve the mouse through several pixels in the screen.

What this entails is each page of your website should contain a call to action, this should be included after you have presented all that you have to say. The CTA will direct individuals to the next stage.

For instance, you are a restaurant and visitors are on your menu page after reaching the extreme of the menu page, don’t just let them roam around your site or leave, ask them to make a reservation. 

Yeah, that next step needs to be adapted to your business and on a page by page bases to ensure that they all make sense to your visitors.

Just ensure that you are very clear on the next step your visitors should take.

This is a list with the main 5 mistakes small business make on their website. Check your website and if you find any of them, make sure to address them appropriately

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