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August 16th, 2019

  Online marketing can be a very effective tool. It is much easier to locate your audience, and you know precisely who you are after.

You also have the capacity to optimize websites as well as campaigns if they are not performing the way you require them to.

It actually provides you with the opportunity to see how many people have opened your emails and clicked on a link.

You can also target who you want, when you want to. It’s high time you halt wasting your time on traditional marketing and go digital!

Below are some of the best website marketing tips out there, these tips if effectively adopted, will help you increase sales and awareness of your business.

1. Know your target audience and know how to target them

The above-mentioned two marketing tips are quite important. If you aren’t targeting the ideal group of individuals, you are going to lose cash.

It is as basic as that. You will have to carry out an in-depth research on your target market, or employ an online marketing firm to help you with it.

What are their buying habits? What their demographics? After you are sure of who to target, you must find out how to target them.

A very easy way to perform this is to create an identical audience on Facebook. This targets users who are identical to your target audience whether it is interest, age, gender, or other demographics. 

2. Invest heavily in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 According to research culled from higher visibility and web.com, the average micro business doesn’t make use of search engine optimization, and really doesn’t understand what it is and how it can be used.

But SEO is a secret weapon of website marketing. An effective SEO strategy helps drive more traffic and, thus, more customers to websites.

SEO does this by putting your website in the spotlight, like making it appear at the top of a search engine result page like Google.

Anyway, what good is a website if it is hidden from people? Given budget restrictions, though, it may not be achievable for some small businesses to employ the services of an in-house web marketer.

With that in mind, SEO consultants and marketing firms offer an affordable option. They have the ability to evaluate your current website blueprint and pinpoint keywords you would fancy your website to rank for.

Alternatively, for a more effective method, you can look into resources such as Coursera  and Udemy to have more insight on the basics of search engine optimization.

3. Advertisment congruence

If you own a business that is running advertisements, this is one important website marketing tip you ought to pay attention to.

Advertisement congruence is when your landing pages and  advertisements are identical or have similar message.

Have you once clicked on an advert and been transferred to a page that appears to be nothing like the advert?

 When your advertisements are identical to the web pages they lead to, customers will believe that they are in the ideal place.

If your advertisement is very distinct from the page it is linked to, it is possible that customers will be perplexed and quit your site.

If you badly want those conversions, you will have to ensure that your landing pages and advertisements are congruent.

4. Write blogs

A blog can immensely assist your search engine optimization.

Writing lengthy blogs that are rammed with the relevant keywords and contains rich contents activates a response from search engines to place your site higher.

It also adds value for your customers.

If your customers aren’t clear about a certain issue, you can write a blog aimed at quelling their curiosity.

By so doing, you have become a trustworthy source for information. You have created a connection between you and your customers even without meeting them.

Nourishing website visitors is what transforms leads into conversions and creates durable customers.

5. Update your website

Not only is it quite crucial to update your website, but if peradventure your website looks like one from three decades ago, it’s time for a renovation.

Website design is frequently changing, so it is paramount to keep pace with the recent trends in order to have the chance to compete in your market or niche.

Old websites designs can discourage customers who will immediately quit your site and move to one that is more attractive.

6. Have a nice website design

Lure your potential customer with web designs that is fashionable and thrilling. Make use of trendy features like parallax scrolling, and ensure that the user experience is topnotch.

If your website is quite attractive and user-friendly, you will be able to gain the trust your potential customers.

If customers visit your site and are confused on how to navigate your site, or can’t locate what they are after, you have just lost a sale, and a potential customer.

7. Ensure that your website is responsive

What is the reason of even owning a website if it doesn’t look good on every device? About 61% of users are not likely to return to a mobile site they had difficulty accessing.

If your have an unresponsive site,  those potential customer will find a good alternative. Several people are making purchases via mobile devices, so ensure that your website is user-friendly.

8. Make giveaways 

How do you compare this to other online marketing tips out there? Is this even useful? How do I make profits if I give out freebies?

Offering potential customers a taste of your products or service is regarded as one of the best website marketing tips that gets people attracted to your site.

 Customers who get freebies are very like to spread the word about the freebie than they are about a product they actually paid for.

By giving out freebies, you are essentially advertising your products and services.A very good example is Spotify.

They provide customers with a free version, but also provide a free 30 days trial of premium ad free music.

Immediately their customers are addicted and observe the they can actually get more with paid features, they’ll upgrade to the premium account in order to enjoy its thrilling benefits.

9. Remarketing

 Out of all the website marketing tips you’ve come across in this post, remarketing is the most essential.

This strategy targets potential customers who have visited your site but probably didn’t make a purchase.

With remarketing, your advertisement will be seen in other sites that those potential customers are likely to visit, thereby making them take note of it again, regardless of the fact that they are not on your website.

This will constantly remind them of your products and services, which encourages them to go back to your site and make the purchase they refused to make earlier.

10. Email marketing

This approach is still very vital to businesses irrespective of their size. Sending emails to your customers is a cheap way to directly market them.

It is like snail mail, but much better. You can add photos, graphics, and CTA (call to action). You’ll be aware of who opened and clicked and when. You can also monitor revenue.

Email marketing and social media go together. If you don’t have an email list, organize a campaign with the aim of obtaining emails.

If you have an email list, utilise it to create an identical audience so that you can better target potential customers. It comes with an infinite possibility.

Digital marketing has altered the way in which businesses can market to their customers. With all the necessary data, you can gather potential customers, you can increase conversions, customize their buying journey, and get them engaged.

As a business owner, you can organize your personal email automation,  retarget your customers, design your websites, and optimize your website with keywords. 

 By utilizing the above-mentioned website marketing tips, you’ll create that ideal awareness for your business, and make profits from heightened sales due to more influx of customers.

Are you struggling with your current website? Would you like a new website that makes your business stand out?


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